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ThinkEngine Partners with Ecologi to Combat Climate Change

ThinkEngine is proud to announce a new sustainability partnership with Ecologi, a company that is committed to fighting climate change by planting trees and funding carbon reduction projects around the world.

The partnership comes as part of ThinkEngine's wider commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. By working together with Ecologi, we hope to support a range of environmental initiatives both locally and globally.

As part of this long-term initiative, ThinkEngine has committed to providing support for Ecologi's various environmental projects and constantly identifying approaches to improve sustainability processes. One of the ways our team will be doing this is by funding reforestation projects including trees and wildflowers, which will not only help to beautify the environment but also provide a much-needed habitat for various species of flora and fauna. This initiative will go a long way in promoting sustainability and preserving the natural beauty of the UK and beyond.

ThinkEngine’s new partnership extends our desire to build upon the foundation set by attaining the Carbon Neutral Plus certification from 2021-2023.

Speaking about the partnership, Ben Michaelis, Managing Director of ThinkEngine said: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Ecologi to support important work in tackling climate change. Sustainability is a core value at ThinkEngine and we are committed to protecting the planet for future generations. An equally important consideration is that we are constantly identifying approaches to embed sustainability improvement into our everyday business model. This is not an empty promise, but a commitment routed in our team’s culture and core values."

Look out for our latest updates on social media and our website to see what’s happening next with ThinkEngine and Ecologi!


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