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Developing solutions for growth in the B2B environment


Tailored solutions

Integrated tech

Managing a best-in-class Marketing or leadership team is no easy task, nor is correctly identifying appropriate technology and software to use for growth. But one thing is for sure, working in a business aided with world-class and tailored software is essential to growth in the modern B2B environment. 

From years of continuous listening and learning from client feedback, it is clear to us that ‘off the shelf’ software is often too generic and doesn’t exactly meet company requirements in many cases. Whether it is functionality or tech specifications, apps can often meet 50-75% of a required features list but lack those all-important final details without major adaptations. Inevitably these concerns often lead to a constant stream of avoidable technology costs and commitments, numerous platform migrations and general disruption to business productivity – all of which really support dynamic businesses in a fast-paced economy.


It doesn’t sound particularly helpful, right? ThinkEngine believes there is a solution to this everyday B2B problem.

Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office

No compromise applications

Scale with no-code

Working with an emerging no-code software solution, we can deliver a complete end-to-end tailored software application without compromise, and what’s more, we can easily integrate into your existing business and marketing technology platforms. Our team has significant experience supporting clients with scalable and bespoke requirements with cost-effective prepaid pricing. Just think for a moment, you can now benefit from dynamic cloud technology that can be updated in real-time – without a single line of code required. 

Mobile application

Avoid the normal pitfalls

No slow development times and significantly reduced design and maintenance pricing for a fraction of an ‘off the shelf’ software (let alone a costly bespoke solution!). Say goodbye to generic solutions, and say Hello to digital infrastructure that will deliver the maximum amount of value for your business – it’s time to step up your commercial productivity and digital capabilities.

Secure apps

ThinkEngine has the technical know-how and no-code tech infrastructure to build any Web App (or portal) or Mobile App required. ThinkEngine’s scalable infrastructure enables your business to grow with secure technology, building the foundations for the future. 


Software modules

Our range of software modules

Keen to understand the types of modules which we typically design to support our global client base? Take a look below, but remember, anything can be developed to meet your exact requirements.


Business Reporting

Field Sales & Reporting

HR & Annual Leave

Employee Onboarding

Client Onboarding

Task/Project Management

Training / Education

Appointment Booking System

Recruitment / Applicant Tracker

Help Desk / IT Support

Finance - Accounts Receivables

Expense Tracking

Compliance (inc AML & KYC

Any other internal or external platform which requires a database

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