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At ThinkEngine we are always forward-thinking and finding the best ways to automate how we work. Whether that be with email marketing, chatbot solutions, or even simple automation with our task management software, MeisterTask, we are constantly looking at ways to streamline the efficiency of working with our global clients.

Find out more about our different types of automation below.

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Email Marketing

As a certified Active Campaign partner, we are sure to know the latest and greatest email marketing automation! Active Campaign provides a whole host of features to streamline your email marketing activities. So, what can you automate? Why not try out a welcome series with email automation? Track your contact engagement with tags, custom fields, analytics, and performance reporting, then automatically send follow-ups to your hot leads. Grab information from every offline and digital channel (social media, live chat, landing pages, and everywhere else) to automate your email marketing.

Active Campaign also provides a CRM & sales automation solution, which means you can keep track of leads, sell more in less time, and nurture your leads automatically. With its contact management feature, it’s sure to not let any contacts slip through the cracks! Meaning that your whole sales process can be seen in one place, and you can track interaction at every stage of your sales funnel, to enable you to pick up wherever your team left off.

If you’d like to find out more about our email marketing services and how they could engage in your business, click here to speak to our team today!

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Task Management

We are always thinking ahead and finding ways of automating our task management processes. As MeisterTask Certified Partner’s managing our day-to-day activities is less time-consuming and allows for flexibility within our team. 

MeisterTask offers eleven different automations that can be added to any project. Some of the automations include automatically assigning tasks to teammates, automatically changing the status of a card if it’s open, completed or archived, adding a predefined checklist to a card, and updating your teammates via email of any task updates. 

We use MeisterTask automations to simplify our workload. Providing clarity to each team member and accountability on projects is important to us and MeisterTask allows for this, with its clear communication features within projects, ensuring that we are always on the same page as our clients. MeisterTask has proven to be the most effective task management tool thanks to its easy-to-use app and integrations that automate our workflow. 

If you choose to work with us, you’ll have access to all these amazing integrations included within MeisterTask.

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By using Zapier you can integrate with 1000s of digital apps and tools to streamline your businesses technology infrastructure. Track, trigger and test data flows via ‘Zaps’ within the platform and save time by letting Zapier do all the hard work for you. Whether you want to integrate your email marketing with your CRM or move leads automatically through your sales funnel. Zapier has the answer. Our team of automation experts can guide you through set up, to management of the platform. Ready to save time and streamline your businesses operations?

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