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Real-world Placement Opportunities

How have you found the first few weeks at ThinkEngine?

My first few weeks at ThinkEngine have been a fantastic learning experience, the whole team have been supportive of my learning and welcomed me into the team with open arms. I have learnt several new skills and been given the creative freedom to explore these skills at my own pace meaning that I have picked up the different tools quite quickly.

What have you been surprised with how much you have learned in a short space of time?

I am surprised at how easily I have been able to pick up the different tools that we use, I am not always the most technologically smart person so being able to use them with next to no issues has definitely been a surprise!

What has been your biggest achievement thus far?

Whilst I am very proud of all the projects that I have worked on, I feel that my biggest achievement has been adapting to this new working environment. This placement is unlike any work I’ve done before and adapting to a new work schedule and new work culture has been a big step, I couldn’t have done it without the support of the ThinkEngine team and it will be something that I will hold on to for the rest of my career wherever it may take me.

How have you found the ability to work on real-world client briefs spanning multiple industry sectors?

It was a surprise to learn that the work that I was doing was going towards real-world clients as this can sometimes not be common practice with placement opportunities, so it has been amazing getting the chance to work on a vast number of client briefs across different industries. It has meant that every day is different and I keep learning new skills that will help me develop my career.

Ahead of starting your placement opportunity at ThinkEngine you already had a keen interest in project management – how have you found the link between project management and Digital Marketing within the agency sector so far?

I was surprised at how big the connection between project management and digital marketing is, everytime I start working on a new project I am aware of how much work would go on behind the scenes to get the project up and running from different teams through to the consumer at the end. This placement has helped me to realise that as a project manager I could have a successful career within the digital marketing sector and that is exactly what I want.


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