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Bing Ads include LinkedIn Profile Targeting in reach

Some good news has been revealed for marketers as Bing widens its reach to LinkedIn Profile Targeting for dynamic search ads, shopping campaigns and text ads, allowing advertisers to target people based on their LinkedIn profiles. This is an advantage for advertisers that Google can’t provide, therefore keeping Bing competitive.

On October 23rd Microsoft wrote in a blog post “Today we’re excited to announce the newest evolution of our continued integration of LinkedIn and Microsoft Advertising. It works across text ads, shopping, and basically all Bing search products (available in the US only).”

Microsoft bought LinkedIn two years ago and have now made LinkedIn targeting data accessible to all advertisers through Bing – something that Google will not be able to offer as LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft. LinkedIn has over 500 million global members, meaning that access to this data is huge. Microsoft said in another blog: “Part of our vision has always been to bring together each company’s rich data and deep understanding of users to help our customers reach people in meaningful ways.

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Data from LinkedIn will include the categories of job function, company and industry.

LinkedIn Profile Targeting can be used on both campaigns and ad groups and, beneficially, bid modifiers can be set. For example, a bid could be increased by 20% to reach a certain company’s employees. However, at the moment, LinkedIn users from the US only can be targeted.

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