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Marketing Technology Trends for 2022

Are you ahead of the game and ready with your 2022 marketing strategy?

In order to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape, marketers are focusing on integrating MarTech (marketing technology) into their 2022 strategies. Companies are aligning their investments in marketing technology and balancing internal talent and external agency knowledge and experience to maximise their results. Here are a few tech developments you should look out for in the New Year, to keep on top of the trends!

Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

As the adoption of smart assistants and voice search continues to grow, marketers are beginning to look at artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots as new approaches to connect with customers. While the human touch is still important, AI technology should help take the grunt work out of marketing and allow brands to focus more on strategy and creating great customer experiences. There are endless benefits to automating your sales funnel with chatbots, including cost savings, growth surge, increased profits and immediate response times. Voice activated support coupled with website chatbots will enhance your user website experience and will streamline the sales process. Enabling you to generate more leads faster! How else would you want to kick off 2022, hot leads at your fingertips!

Geolocation Data

Another key trend in digital marketing is the use of location data. With the Covid-19 pandemic causing marketers to be restricted from attending events in many geographies, marketers will begin to use geolocation to enhance customer engagement. This data can be used in a number of different ways, including advertising, email, and social media. It can also be used to improve customer service, and when used effectively can drive great business intelligence. In addition to location-based marketing, geolocation data is a powerful tool that is increasingly becoming integral to marketing teams. With the prospect of the global pandemic continuing well into 2022, could location data be your next eye opener to engaging with your leads better?

Visual, Engaging Content

The rise of visual content is one of the main, major marketing technology trends predicted for the next decade. Search Engine’s now return images for almost 19% of all searches. In addition, 62% of millennials claim that they prefer to view images than read text. With the majority of website and social media users preferring visual content, is it time that you considered how your firm is planning to engage your leads with engaging graphics and video! The benefits of video content aren’t just for the end user, SEO can also benefit from new video content and visuals on your website. So why not increase your brand’s organic visibility in 2022 and show your audience who you are as a business.

Adapting to these new technologies is essential for successful marketing. With so much data being made available online, marketing technology has become a key tool in the quest to make businesses more successful. MarTech could be the answer to all the challenges marketers face today. With continuous innovation, the possibilities are limitless. It has made marketing automation possible and a vital part of every company’s strategy. However, many companies are still uncertain about what to expect next. It is important to remember that the future of MarTech is unpredictable and the ability to adapt to new tech will help your business remain ahead in crowded markets.

Is your business capable of adapting to the fluctuating MarTech trends?


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