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Google Insights Tool: PageSpeed in WordPress

PageSpeed is a Google metric – a number between 0 and 100 provided by Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. To achieve a ‘good’ score, your website would need to be an 80/100 or above. This useful tool gives you an indication of whether your website should be optimised to improve aspects such as the actual page speed of the website. Improving the PageSpeed score is also beneficial for improving the overall SEO of the website.

Page speed can be improved in various ways. One way is to make sure your site is on HTTPS, not HTTP. It is important to switch over to HTTPS, which should increase your page speed and increase your PageSpeed score.

Google Insights

Are your images compressed and resized? Certain plugins can be installed into WordPress that will make sure images are no larger than they need to be by compressing them in order to improve the website speed. When installing plugins, it is important that the correct plugins are installed otherwise badly programmed plugins can decrease the quality of the website. It is a good idea for an experienced web developer to install any necessary plugins for you.

ThinkEngine will ensure your website PageSpeed Score is as high as it can be, as part of our website management service.


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