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Google Ads have launched their ‘Ad Strength’ indicator

Google Ads launch a new ‘Ad Strength’ indicator and a new reporting tool for responsive search ads.

Creating effective ads can be a challenge, however Google has created a new tool which could help. Google now allows you to view ad strength when a new responsive search ad is created in Google Ads, which should help advertisers to manage their ads to a higher standard, and in turn improve their chances of generating greater clicks and conversions.

At the beginning of September, after the beta period is over, ad strength will be available as within the Google Ads interface. It will measure effectiveness from ‘poor’ up to ‘excellent’ in aspects such as relevance, quantity and diversity of the ad copy in responsive search ads. It will also offer suggestions of how ads created could be improved, with ideas such as “Make your headline more unique.” The tool should help advertisers to work out which combinations work best, and whether they are providing enough variety within their ads.

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New reporting shows statistics on top combinations, headlines, and descriptions. Google recommends that each ad group should have at least three ads, including a responsive search ad. Advertisers can also preview ad combinations as they create responsive search ads, giving them information on the effectiveness of the ad even before it is published. You can prepare for this new tool by checking your ad groups to ensure that each group contains the recommended number of ads or higher.

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