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Are larger marketing teams guilty of being too rigid and do they lack a dynamic marketing mentality?

In an increasingly competitive digital marketing environment, the benefits of dynamic working cultures are there for all to see. With a culture that is flexible and adapts to change, digital marketers can more easily respond to competitive changes in the market. In an agile environment, these benefits are maximised through a shared vision of how the business functions, and a culture of continual learning.

Insights highlights the facts

Dynamic digital teams have been shown to produce results, and continuous improvement has also been established in teams. Research has shown that after implementing an agile marketing model you can achieve; Reduced time. Increased productivity. Increased ROI.

Time flies

The time required for data collection and analysis is dramatically reduced. As a result of this reduced investment, digital marketers can deliver better solutions and responses to client/customer needs and demands. With less time spent tracking metrics, digital marketing teams will be able to increase their effectiveness by providing faster ‘test and learn’ processes.

Increased productivity

In a dynamic culture, team members are able to collaborate more effectively. This fast-track process enables results in greater product quality, greater profitability, and higher overall revenue generation. Greater revenue comes from a more diverse and better variety of products and services. Cross-skilling staff is a relatively new concept but powerful concept. An idea which will help your team to cope in the event of staff illness, annual leave or gaps within your team’s marketing skill-set – do all you can to continue the dynamic nature of the team!

Increased ROI

Agile teams not only offer a cost saving benefit, but they also make it easier for firms to compete on a larger scale with traditional and non-agile companies in the industry.

Sharing the vision

These are just some of the benefits of a dynamic working environment. Agile teams provide a high level of creative freedom for digital marketing professionals. The ability to quickly develop solutions to specific problems allows for greater efficiency. The sharing of a common vision for how the company functions and works together results in a better business culture and a stronger business team. Especially with marketing teams who know how to get the best for their sales team counter-parts, if both departments work in unison, the business has a greater opportunity to flourish.

However, with the growth in the digital marketing field, many dynamic leaders are concerned that there is an influx of new agile leaders who are now attempting to take control of the digital marketing departments. This has resulted in many companies experiencing a “split” of the dynamic working culture. Although these new leaders may provide valuable assistance to traditional managers, the culture of these new leaders is often very different from the agile culture. This can create some issues between traditional managers and digital marketers, and the traditional team members.

The key to any successful collaboration is for new leaders to bring a new and fresh perspective to the organisation. By doing this, a new dynamic leader can help develop a more robust, flexible and collaborative culture where everyone feels comfortable.

How does this work in your business? Is your marketing department dynamic or a little rigid?

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