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A Day at London Tech Week with ThinkEngine: Embracing Innovation

On Monday 10th June, ThinkEngine's Ben Michaelis and Harry Sexton had the pleasure of attending London Tech Week at Olympia. This annual event is a hub for SMEs, enterprise tech companies, and investors worldwide, all eager to drive the ever-evolving cycle of tech innovation.

At ThinkEngine, we understand the dynamic nature of the tech industry and its critical role in solving modern business challenges. Our focus on no/low code solutions aligns perfectly with current trends, as highlighted by the buzz at London Tech Week. Unsurprisingly, AI was a major theme, underscoring its undeniable impact on businesses aiming to start, build, or scale their tech capabilities.

From HR to Sales and Marketing tech, the event showcased the latest in functional technology. Engaging with representatives from various brands, we learned how larger organisations are increasingly seeking tech-driven management and HR solutions, in particular, to educate and empower their workforce.

Our key takeaways from London Tech Week include:

  • ThinkEngine is uniquely positioned to offer tech solutions tailored to companies of all sizes.

  • The limitless potential of our tech eco-system continues to expand, bringing immense benefits to our clients.

  • Our partner, Glide, stands out as a premier solution for tech-related and software development challenges. Many exhibitors at the event focused on singular software solutions with hefty price tags. Glide, however, is revolutionising workflows by providing many solutions from a single platform. This eliminates the lengthy process of outsourcing app developers for tasks like sales tracking and CRM management. With Glide, businesses can create user-friendly platforms in days, integrating existing data seamlessly.

London Tech Week reaffirmed our commitment to innovation and highlighted the exciting future of tech solutions. We're thrilled to be at the forefront of this dynamic industry, ready to help our clients thrive. We’d say it went very well.


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