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ThinkEngine Partner with leading proposal technology platform, Qwilr to extend their Tech eco-system

ThinkEngine is excited to announce a new partnership with proposal technology experts, Qwilr. The latest news extends our commitment to building a sustainable Tech eco-system for our global clients.

Qwilr’s leading technology infrastructure enables ThinkEngine to extend its already comprehensive range of marketing and technology solutions a step further. This new unique and engaging business development proposal and presentation software facilitates growth within B2B sectors to improve conversion rates from great marketing initiatives and also quicken sales cycles. Qwilr’s offering does this in abundance and means that ThinkEngine can support both digital marketing and business development alike.

About our new partners, Qwilr This ground-breaking proposal and presentation technology enables ThinkEngine’s clients the ability to deliver visually impressive, interactive and engaging proposals/presentations, which are proven to convert leads and sales faster. With the outstanding design functionality available in Qwilr, you can elevate existing marketing and business development content to deliver a unique and dynamic content experience to prospective clients. Equally clever is the reporting and analytics insights available within the Qwilr platform, this important data helps clients to improve their business development and marketing material and processes for continuous development purposes. As a leading proposal software tool, Qwilr is used by 30,000 sales reps worldwide to improve the quality of their sales and marketing material.

ThinkEngine’s Managing Director Ben Michaelis remarked on the new partnership

“We’re really pleased to welcome Qwilr to our network of tech partners. This new initiative enables ThinkEngine’s clients the ability to transform their business development and marketing content, sales processes and the opportunity to close B2B leads quicker. The addition of Qwilr to our Tech eco-system takes things up a level and provides our global clients another dimension to their marketing and business development initiatives.”

– Ben Michaelis, Managing Director, ThinkEngine

“Unlike other proposal software tools, Qwilr makes it easy to create visually impressive, interactive proposals and increases sales rep productivity by automating the entire proposal workflow.”

– Kaitlyn Fletcher, Account Executive, Qwilr

Qwilr further enhances ThinkEngine’s ability to truly deliver an integrated, end-to-end solution for our global clients. We’re really pleased to welcome Qwilr as a new partner!


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