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ThinkEngine is now a certified Carbon Neutral Plus company

ThinkEngine is pleased to confirm it is now a certified Carbon Neutral Plus company. The business has been independently audited and verified by Carbon Footprint. This pleasing news reinforces our commitment to building a sustainable business that considers the planet that we all live in.

In addition, we have taken things a few steps further. ThinkEngine has taken the major step to offset not just the carbon emissions for the previous year to become a Carbon Neutral company, but has offset the carbon emissions for the previous seven years of trading, since our inception in 2015. This step means that the business is Carbon Neutral Plus.

We truly believe that this approach appreciates our own environmental impact to date and recognises the effect that the global business environment has on the world.

ThinkEngine will support a number of VCS carbon certified offset projects including the Brazil REDD Tree Amazonian Preservation project and also UK based tree replanting projects in the South East of England. We recognise the local impact that sustainability can have on the local community and environment, and we were keen to ensure we did not miss the opportunity to invest in projects which were closer to home too.

Carbon Neutral


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