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ThinkEngine is a certified Carbon Neutral Plus company for the second year running!

Carbon neutral

We are proud to announce that we successfully recertified as a Carbon Neutral Plus company following an assessment by Carbon Footprint.

This exciting news reinforces our commitment to building a sustainable business that genuinely cares about our planet and recognises our impact.

ThinkEngine’s Managing Director, Ben Michaelis commented on the news. “We are thrilled to have successfully achieved Carbon Neutral plus status again this year. To our knowledge, there are very few other agencies operating with this achievement. This news reinforces our desire to build a business that genuinely realises environmental impact and identifies ways to improve sustainability. Today we have again underpinned this pledge by offsetting our company emissions by supporting Global Portfolio VSC certified carbon reduction programmes that focus on renewable and clean energy generation and carbon avoidance.”

In 2021, following our first-ever Carbon Footprint assessment, ThinkEngine achieved Carbon Neutral plus status and elected to offset all of the carbon emissions from our previous seven years of trading, rather than just for the year of assessment. Why do that? Well, because we believe that commitments such as this require action, and by making a considerable sustainability contribution like this, it can encourage everyone else around us to do their bit to support global sustainability where possible.


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