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The value of partnerships in business cannot be understated

The value of partnerships in business cannot be understated. They bring immense value, especially in a global pandemic. Possessing partner relationships can bring a magnitude of commercial benefits which deliver great value and enhance your firm’s ability to adapt in challenging times.

In January, ThinkEngine partnered with leading task management software, MeisterTask. MeisterTask has recently been ranked as the #1 project management and task management software by, which adds great value to ThinkEngine’s partnership base. The relationship extends ThinkEngine’s eco-system of tech partners which new and existing clients gain immediate access too. We’re building and delivering a roadmap of tech-focused initiatives which clients can benefit from.

At ThinkEngine we believe in trust, transparency and collaboration – it is our belief that these themes are amongst some of the most important in our ability to deliver exceptional client service, every day. Tools which enable these themes to work even better, can only be a benefit to our client delivery, right? That’s where MeisterTask comes into the mix, our task management software. We think it can make everyone accountable again, it enables businesses to become even more productive and allows task organisation to be made simple.

“Innovative technology is critical in the world of digital marketing, everyone consumes information in different ways – typically this tends to be audio, video, written copy etc..But in this day and age, those contents elements only standout if you deliver an memorable experience, that’s why chatbots are so unique and deliver firms greater engagement, sometimes as much as 50-80% more than traditional methods.”

Ben Michaelis, Managing Director – ThinkEngine

At this point, the ThinkEngine team had a bit of a brainwave and thought “Wouldn’t it be useful for MeisterTask to convey the benefits of task management software in an interactive and conversational solution?”.

….Que the ThinkEngine chatbot team starting their engines!

“We had honestly never considered creating a chatbot, but when ThinkEngine approached us with this idea, we were thrilled! We’re seeing this first bot as a bit of an experiment, but if it goes well, we could imagine working on a number of additional chatbots with ThinkEngine in the future. We’re extremely happy to have found such a competent and enthusiastic partner in them!”

– Raphaela Brandner, Partner Management Lead – Meister

Let us know what you think of the idea. Could task management software be a game-changer for your business? It’s time to find out…Click here!


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