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Introducing Fathom: Unlocking the Power of Analytical Data

ThinkEngine partner with leading data analytics platform, Fathom

Data is a key to all digital modern businesses, and harnessing its power is crucial for growth and success. Introducing Fathom, the innovative data analytics tool that empowers organisations to dive deep into their data and make informed decisions. With Fathom Analytics at your fingertips, you can unlock valuable insights, uncover hidden patterns, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Unleashing the power of visualisation

Fathom revolutionises the way we interact with data by offering advanced visualisation capabilities. Its intuitive interface allows you to transform raw data into visually compelling charts, graphs, and dashboards. Fathom enables you to explore complex datasets with ease, uncovering trends and customer insight that would otherwise remain buried.

Data-driven decision making

Empowering data-driven decision making data without interpretation is meaningless. Fathom equips you with the tools to extract actionable insights from your data, empowering you to make informed decisions. With its robust statistical features, hypothesis testing capabilities, and machine learning algorithms, Fathom ensures that you're equipped with the right tools to make data-directed choices to propel your business forward.

Fathom's Benefits

Efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability. Embracing Fathom yields numerous benefits for your organisation.

  • Streamlined solution - It streamlines your data analysis process, saving you time and effort. By automating repetitive tasks, Fathom enables you and your team to focus on high-value strategic initiatives. You can even migrate your Google Analytics data into Fathom to enable your previous data to be saved forever.

  • Cookie-free - Say goodbye to cookie consent banners, with Fathom you don’t need a cookie consent banner as the platform doesn’t use cookies to collect privacy-focused website analytics data.

  • GDPR compliant - Fathom are fully GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR and CCPA compliant. The platform has invested heavily in the world’s leading privacy lawyers and experts to ensure Fathom meets and exceeds privacy laws.

  • Exceptional Accuracy - Fathom enhances accuracy by reducing the risk of human errors that can occur during manual data analysis. Its algorithmic calculations provide precise results, mitigating the potential for costly mistakes.

  • Adaptable - Fathom is adaptable to diverse industries and business functions. It integrates seamlessly with various website CRMs and supports a wide range of data formats. This versatility allows organisations in finance, marketing, operations, and beyond to make the most of their unique datasets.

Dive into Fathom and transform your business

In the era of big data, Fathom is a game-changer! By harnessing its powerful data analytics capabilities, you'll gain a competitive advantage, improve decision-making, and unlock the full potential of your data. Embrace Fathom today, and chart a new course towards business success.

ThinkEngine is excited to announce our partnership with Fathom by adding them to our Tech-Eco System of partners. We want to help our clients reach their full potential from their own website and analytical data. Contact our expert team today to realise how ThinkEngine and Fathom can help to transform your business.


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