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ThinkEngine Announce Partnership With Bleach Cyber

ThinkEngine is excited to unveil a new partnership with Bleach Cyber, a cutting-edge cybersecurity firm dedicated to shielding businesses from escalating digital threats through their innovative suite of automated remediation tools and expert guidance.

The collaboration between ThinkEngine and Bleach Cyber is poised to revolutionise the industry by establishing new benchmarks for small business cybersecurity. By empowering businesses with the required knowledge and tools to combat cyber threats effectively, this partnership aims to mitigate the increasing cybersecurity challenges faced by organisations globally.

With Bleach Cyber, a single dashboard view enables the user to monitor their organisational digital infrastructure across multiple domains, cloud systems, assets, email and more. With the instant remediation tools on offer by Bleach Cyber, businesses can swiftly identify issues and address them promptly, ensuring a secure digital environment.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Bleach Cyber, Craig Goodwin, adds that “This partnership is a game changer for customers. It demonstrates the need for a no-code, affordable and unapologetically simple approach to cybersecurity, making it as effective as ThinkEngine’s approach to website development, SEO and other marketing services. The philosophical approach of both companies made the partnership an easy decision and we’re so excited to be working together.”

Statistics indicate a concerning rise in cyberattacks, highlighting the vulnerability of small businesses to various threats, particularly ransomware. By joining forces, ThinkEngine and Bleach Cyber aspire to diminish the impact of cyber threats on businesses and contribute to building a more secure digital ecosystem for all. This proactive partnership underscores the significance of staying ahead in the continually evolving digital landscape.

Ben Michaelis, Managing Director at ThinkEngine commented on the news “ThinkEngine is excited to be embarking on a new partnership with Bleach Cyber. This strategic partnership enables our clients to gain great insight into their cyber infrastructure, potential vulnerabilities and most importantly, easy-to-understand remedies for any identified security issues. With the growth and demand for ThinkEngine’s Technology Services offering, tailored partnerships such as this reinforce our desire to always go above and beyond for our clients and their technology. We’re proud to be extremely considerate about which tech-eco system companies join our trusted panel - all partners must match our own expectations towards service delivery and innovation.”

Overall, the partnership aligns seamlessly with ThinkEngine's ethos of providing no/low code, easy-to-navigate software solutions that are cost-effective and challenge the status quo. By integrating Bleach Cyber's solutions, ThinkEngine strengthens cybersecurity education and trust with clients, particularly when offering digital services and packages, making strides towards ensuring robust digital protection for businesses of all sizes.


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